Hello. My name is Naima Naito. Welcome to Milk Stripes.

Want to know a little bit about me?

Where I’m from: I live in Chicago + NYC. I grew up in Australia. I’ve lived in Japan and England…and I travel a lot.

Things that I love: Colors, patterns, shapes, flowers, romance, food, the ocean, style, fashion, stationary, art, design, paper, soft light, photos, quirkiness, how/why people feel/think/do, reading biographies, different cultures and taking tours.

What I can be like: Creative, fun, spontaneous, energized by others, enjoys experimenting, passionate, is always looking for the most efficient ways of doing things, always asking questions, constantly researching something + loves being stimulated/engaged by surroundings.

My job: I’m a Wardrobe Stylist who’s worked with Alicia Keys’ and Drake’s stylist. I’ve worked with teams to contribute towards Dazed & Confused and Esquire magazine editorials. I’ve collaborated with brands like Dockers and I’ve styled TV commercials and other adverts that you find in magazines or online for brands like Shiseido, Secret and Kyocera. Oh..and I’ve also been Costume Designer on a short film!

Want to contact me about Milk Stripes? Email me at naima@milkstripes.com

Want to see more of my styling work for big brands? Check out my portfolio on naimanaito.com

Any other questions? Ask away!

Naima Naito

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