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I travelled to Storm King Art Centre and had so much fun exploring it. Don’t know about Storm King? It’s a must-see if you love huge sculptures and beautiful landscapes, rolled into one!

Not until this Fall did I really start appreciating weekends away that are a short drive away since I had to satisfy my insatiable appetite for Fall foliage by taking multiple trips to different parts of upstate NY (follow me on Instagram to see my adventures)!

In my mind, I tend to think a weekend away includes a plane ride but I’m quickly realizing how there are wonderful adventures to be had so close to home. Once you’re out of your city and in nature, it’s amazing how quickly you relax and feel like you’re a million miles away. It’s also inspired us to think about looking for a little place that we can fix up and get away to on weekends!


The day we went up was such a wet and rainy day but it meant we basically had the whole place to ourselves, which was quite romantic! *^_^*

The rainy weather meant I could bring out this jacket I’ve been waiting to use for a day just like this! I originally bought it with grand ideas of taking walks through rolling hills of the English countryside but haven’t had a chance to wear it until now! I feel like somewhere like Portland, Oregon will be another good place for this jacket – what do you think? It was waterproof and waxy so it repelled all the rain – I didn’t need an umbrella!!



I bought these boots after I couldn’t fit my calves into the full length ones  (yes…funny…I know. You should see me trying on ski boots, it’s hilarious) but luckily I found that the shorter ones are much easier to walk around in. Because they’re made of thick plastic, they’re not as light and flexible as leather, so I’d recommend getting shorter ones (or the even shorter booties) if you’re in the market for rain boots.


I found my little pocket of heaven and it stopped raining!!

The red leaves were so magical – I was so happy!



If you’re wondering if the fox on my sweater is soft and furry…. yes, it is!! I found this sweater in a little boutique in Tokyo.

When buying sweaters for Fall and Winter, try to look for pieces that can make a statement if you’re wearing dark bottoms and jackets. You can see above how the sweater pops out from the coat but is also great when worn on its own.



Fall. Foliage. Fabulous.




Doesn’t your heart just melt with all the beauty out there – the Fall red leaves above and the prairie below!



Storm King is spread out over 500-acre landscape of fields, hills, and woodlands with huge sculptures like you’ve never seen, at every turn!



Top: From a boutique in Tokyo (similar)

Jacket: J.Crew (similar)

Hat: Zara (similar)

Jeans: Levis

BootsHunter Boots (or the booties)

Lipstick: MAC “Mac Red”

Nails: O.P.I Mod-ern Girl



Where did you go to enjoy Fall?!  Where would you recommend to go for a weekend away from Chicago or NYC? I’d love to know any gems you might have heard of or have been to already!

Happy Tuesday!

Naima x


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