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Milk Stripes Naima Naito Shift Dress

I wanted to share with you a secret dress I have. It’s called the Shift dress.

I fell in love with one a couple of years ago because I found out that I could eat a huge burger and this dress basically didn’t show any evidence of it because a shift dress is to designed to be more loose around the waist and hips – oh yeah!

The other thing I love (apart from the fact that they’re flattering and adorable), is that I can freely move and dance in a dress like this – evidence of tap dancing is in a video below!


What am I wearing in my photos?

1. Dress is an old favorite from A.P.C. How beautiful is the coral and white pattern?!   

2. Jewelry from Cities of Dust – their cuff collection. I always get asked about these pieces and I love them.

3. 1963 Vintage Omega Watch (a birthday gift).

4. Boots from Paris.

Milk Stripes Naima Naito Jewelry

Milk Stripes Naima Naito vintage watch omega


Want to get a good shift dress and join me in a tap dance sometime?

Here are some good ones I found!

 Naima Naito Milk Stripes Fashion


1. Glamorous Dress from ASOS  2. Mademoiselle Tara Dress from ASOS  3. MSGM Dress from Net-a-Porter  4. New Look Dress from ASOS

So…I mentioned the video of me tap dancing. Still want to see it? Then check it out below!

What kind of dresses do you like? Do you randomly break out in dance when wearing certain dresses (like me!)?!



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